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iFranchise Group has a combined team experience exceeding 500 years focused on franchising operations and is based in the United States of America which is the spiritual home of franchising. iFranchise Group works across all industry sectors, regionally and internationally. :  iFranchise Group’s President, Dave Hood, is the former President of Auntie Anne’s pretzels. During his tenure, he helped introduce Auntie Anne’s to the Thai market.

Get expert advice, strategy and a long-term commitment dedicated to the success of your business. iFranchise Group’s Expert Franchise Consultants can help you expand your brand to the American and global Markets.

Delivering Global Success
“I personally believe that the iFranchise Group has assembled the single most knowledgeable and experienced team in franchise consulting today.”  – Scot Crain, Vice President, Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels 


Thinking of starting a franchise with your existing business? The first step is determining whether your business is franchisable and if franchising is the right strategy. Learn about franchising your business.

The first step in determining whether or how to franchise a business involves two key questions:

1. Is this business franchisable?
2. Is franchising the right strategy?

iFranchise Group can answer these questions and then deliver an end-to-end service:

  • Strategic business Planning
  • Franchise Operations Manuals & Training Programs
  • Franchise Marketing Programs & Tools
  • Franchise Sales Training


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iFranchise Group has developed Consulting and Development services to help established franchisors. Whether it’s franchise sales, franchise marketing or management, iFranchise Group’s franchise consultants will pinpoint areas needing improvement.


  • ACE Hardware
  • Bridgestone
  • Denny’s
  • Häagen-Dazs
  • ManPower
  • T-Mobile
  • And many more……..
“The best franchise candidates want to be part of the best franchise systems…those in step with today’s times and technology. Working with the iFranchise Group will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.”-  Michael Messer, Marketing Manager, Bridgestone/Firestone 


I could see it wasn’t going to be easy. I couldn’t give a franchise to any old greasy spoon. And I knew the chicken had to be cooked the way I told them to cook it if it was going to be as popular as it could be. – Colonel Sanders