Business Matching – Finding the Right Trade or Investment Partner

Are you looking for new trade connections, investors, JV partner, or an acquisition? if so what is the best fit for you? Atlas Commercial Consulting delivers an in-depth business matching service to find the right match.

The mark of our engagement with clients is to deliver a truly tailor-made solution – Built on the foundation of an understanding of your market sector, product or service and then finding suitable sources to engage with.

What is Business Matching to find a Suitable Source to Engage With?

This depends on the what your business needs at present, whether that is trade connections,  investment or strategic partnering.

What Atlas Commercial Consulting does is seek targets based on the following criteria;

  • Either operating in your business sector or one directly related
  • Has a product or service range that can compliment or be combined with yours 
  • Possess skills & resources to help your operation expand
  • Has access to particular target markets 
  • Private or public companies with annual revenues in excess of US$ 10 million
  • Strong operators or distressed operators

Our approach is detailed, and for each listed  ‘Suitable Source’ a profile is produced providing a rationale for their choosing alongside key operational data.

What can Atlas Commercial Consulting do Next? 

The next step is to market and present your opportunity, product or service to the listed ‘Suitable Sources’ acquired from the business matching service.

Because our approach is in-depth, our team would have acquired enough information about a target which will help present a solid and rational case for engagement with your business or opportunity. 

  • Seeking Investment or JV partners 
  • Sales outsourcing – With the view of contacted/bulk sales
  • Aquisition targeting 

How Could we Help Anna’s Bakery?

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Anna Agnelli has recently taken over the Management of her family bakery – It has been operating for over 60 years and she now feels it is time to build upon expertise, reputation and heritage of the business.

So what direction should Anna go in? maybe a JV partner then an investor will help her take the Agnelli Bakery to the next level?  – The Atlas team would consider the following targets;

  1. Hoteliers & the Hospitality sector
  2. Agri-businesses 
  3. Operators in the food products logistics industry who help supply retailers 
  4. Manufacturers of catering equipment 

1+2+3+4=10  Yes? Actually, it equals success. By getting the commitment from the right partners, Anna can approach a VC or Private Equity firm with solid planning presenting a horizontally integrated bakery operation – That is set up for franchising, increased wholesale capacity and nationwide retail rollout. 

Let us Help you Find a Solution

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