Andrew A. Davies

Managing Director

Andrew is responsible for overall strategy and focuses on Business and Commercial Development services for our clients, aiming to understand clients goals, explaining realistic outcomes then deliver performance and value.

He has 25 years of experience in the retail, hospitality and leisure sector and covering a wide range of Sales and Marketing posts while operating in London, France, Spain, United States, Canada and South East Asia. This has given him tremendous exposure in the world of Business.

Atlas Commercial Consulting has at its core a grass roots approach to Business that emanates from Andrew’s early working  life as a  “Barrow boy” who started his career on the market stalls of East London and then working his way up to multinationals such as; Carpet Right, Arcadia Group, Fullers, Thistle, and Marriot.

He has a heritage that provides our team with great versatility and a street traders robust commercial spirit.

Andrew knows instinctively what can be sold, where, how and to whom.

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