Marc Cantacuzene

Director Digital Transformation & Fintech Sector Lead

Marc is the dynamic head of our Digital Transformation and Fintech Sector Lead – He has over 15 years of multidisciplinary experience staying current with digital and IT technologies and systems to provide solutions for clients aiming to optimize efficiency, data analysis, network security, and fintech operations implementation and strategic planning over a range of project scopes.

Before Co-founding Atlas Commercial Consulting, Marc developed a passion for digital marketing having developed and sold a number of web projects in the hospitality, retail, and media sectors – As well as providing professional web design, social media management, and SEO strategy services. Naturally, this exposure sparked Marc’s curiosity to develop his skills and deliver high-level technical solutions to clients in one of the fastest evolving industry sectors. 

Marc focuses his experience on assisting expanding Fintech, BlockChain, SaaS, Ai/IoT, and technology companies to set up operations in optimal geographies, helping them assess and comply with regulatory frameworks, then getting the right talent in place to execute market entry program management. 

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