Strategy & Execution

2021 & Beyond
“The pandemic did not stop global demands or a need to respond to opportunity, challenge & strategic Asia expansion –  ‘Is there an after COVID? ‘Yes, but there is a today & tomorrow needing decisive action  –  In a disrupted world we are your people on the ground”


We are dedicated to facilitating international trade and investment and helping private and public sector clients.

Each client will be at a different point in their Asia commercial journey, either starting out with Thailand market entry, or expansion within other Asian geographies, or responding to growth, strategy, and operational challenges.

We aim to deliver a strategic, analytical, and risk-reduced ROI-driven tailored solution executed from the ground up by local teams – Atlas helps clients via its Strategy & Execution, Economic Development, and Sales Outsourcing practice areas deliver the services as indicated.

Strategy & Execution

Asia market entry is not “plug in and play” we help clients develop a strategy that identifies risks, barriers to entry and pathway for growth then execute mission driven solutions and programs. From assessing optimal markets for an opportunity through supply chain solutions onto locating operational facilities we help clients make informed decisions. 

  • Market Assessments
  • Distribution Search
  • Partner Search
  • Location Analysis
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • BOI FDI Incentives Indexing
  • Operational Management
  • Forward Start-up Teams
  • Representative Office
  • Co-Packing & Co-Production
  • Site Selection
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • BOI FDI Incentives Negotiations
“We help you understand the nuances of Asian markets & look beyond raw socioeconomic data to assess market potential”

Your Solution

Opportunities & Challenges Never Stop

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  • Your case understanding
  • Goal challenges & feasibility
  • Atlas approach
  • High level overviews, sector & geography