Sales Outsourcing Thailand & APAC Region

2021 & Beyond
“The pandemic did not stop global demands or a need to respond to opportunity, challenge & strategic Asia expansion –  ‘Is there an after COVID? ‘Yes, but there is a today & tomorrow needing decisive action  –  In a disrupted world we are your people on the ground”


We are dedicated to facilitating international trade and investment and helping private and public sector clients.

Each client will be at a different point in their Asia commercial journey, either starting out with Thailand market entry, or expansion within other Asian geographies, or responding to growth, strategy, and operational challenges.

We aim to deliver a strategic, analytical, and risk-reduced ROI-driven tailored solution executed from the ground up by local teams – Atlas helps clients via its Strategy & Execution, Economic Development, and Sales Outsourcing practice areas deliver the services as indicated.

Sales Outsourcing Thailand & APAC Region

Employing a distributor is not the only option for Asia market entry and Asia market expansion for B2B, B2C, or E-commerce objectives – Atlas delivers a solution for commercial representation without your company having to incorporate an entity or directly employ team members. This delivers oversight and strategic control for your company.

Our team will develop and execute a strategy interpreted from your goals referencing market dynamics and or findings from market opportunity assessment, whether this is a start-up scenario in need of an aggressive and intensive launch or an established operation requiring a new approach or a means to manage multiple distributors. 

With E-commerce operations for Thailand market entry or APAC region expansion, we offer a 360 degree fully comprehensive management solution covering market assessment, regulatory compliance/registrations, logistics, localized marketing, and stock management. This can also include modern trade store listings.

  • E-commerce Cloud Fulfilment
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Lead Generation
  • Modern Trade
  • Forward Start-up Teams
  • Operations Management
  • Brand Management
  • Technical, Medical, Industrial sales
  • Traditional Trade
“Atlas delivers a solution for commercial representation giving your company added oversight and strategic control“

A Shop Floor Mentality - Asia Sales Out Sourcing

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